JWU Senior Gift

Senior Gift is an opportunity to give back in honor of your last year at Johnson & Wales as well as to pay it forward to students following in your footsteps. It’s also a chance to create a legacy for the Class of 2021 and leave JWU better than when you arrived.

Clubs & Orgs

Support the student activites that help make the JWU experience so unique.

Make Your Senior Gift


Support the varsity or club sport of your choice and help our Wildcats win.

Make Your Senior Gift


Support the college of your choice and strengthen JWU's academic programs.

Make Your Senior Gift


Help keep our Wildcats on track toward graduation and future success.

Make Your Senior Gift

Residential Life Fund

Support student team members who play a vital role on the Providence Campus.

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JWU Emergency Fund

Directly and immediately support urgent student needs.

Make Your Senior Gift

Still wondering why you should give?

Ensure a JWU education is within reach for all

Did you know that more than 90% of JWU students receive scholarships or financial aid? Your Senior Gift can help ensure there are no barriers to graduation for your fellow Wildcats. 

Support the area that means the most to you

The choice is yours! Your Senior Gift can be designated to support clubs and orgs, athletics, academics, scholarships, or Residential Life. Or, you can direct your gift to the JWU Emergency Fund to provide immediate assistance to students in need.

Ok, but what's in it for me?

When you make your Senior Gift, you'll feel good about supporting the Wildcats following in your footsteps. Giving also affects JWU's rankings and reputation, which increases the value of your degree. And of course, you'll be part of the Class of 2021's larger effort to make a difference at our university. Every gift counts and contributes to a positive impact.