Your Gift is More than a donation

It's true. Not only does your gift provide financial support to current JWU students, it also generates additional investment in our mission by signaling that Johnson & Wales is loved by its graduates. 

Is it the hands-on learning experiences? The dedicated faculty and staff? The student clubs and organizations? There are countless reasons why the JWU experience is so unique and beloved by alumni. Whatever made your time at JWU special, you can support it with your gift.

But Why?

Students Need Your Help

More than 90% of JWU students receive financial aid or funding for an internship or study abroad experience. Despite our median tuition being less than 60% of private, not-for-profit institutions in the US, many deserving Wildcats still struggle to afford a JWU education. Tuition alone does not fully cover all that JWU offers plus the general operating costs to run a comprehensive university. Your gift can open doors and a whole new world of opportunities.

Every. Gift. Counts.

If just 10 donors contribute $30 each, the result is $300 or a laptop for a student who needs it to continue their JWU education. When we all participate, we can make a difference. That's the power of collective giving!

It Inspires Others

By giving each and every year, JWU alumni demonstrate a belief in our mission and the future of our university. When alumni invest in Johnson & Wales, other members of the JWU community as well as corporate donors and foundations will be inspired to do the same. 

Federal Funding is Declining

As a private university, JWU does not receive the same type of funding as some public and state schools. And like all schools, the Federal funds we do receive are declining year after year. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit university that, like other charitable organizations, relies in part on donations to fund our operating costs and contribute to our endowment. Each year, money is reinvested into enhancements and services for our students.

Preserve the JWU Experience

You learned just as much outside of the classroom as you did inside. Student clubs, organizations, athletic teams and other extracurricular opportunities with friends are part of what makes JWU unique. Your gift can help ensure these experiences are available to current students and future Wildcats.

You Don't Have to Break the Bank

Johnson & Wales alumni have a long history of supporting one another and contributing their time, talent and expertise to current students. With a financial gift of any amount, your generosity is reflected in our alumni participation rate each year. And when your gift is combined with thousands of other alumni gifts, the financial impact on our students is amplified. Looking for a more efficient way to give? Try spreading your donation out throughout the year with a recurring gift.

Give Thanks

Was there a professor that helped you along the way? Did a librarian or staff member go above and beyond? You can show your appreciation by making a gift in honor of a faculty or staff member, or by making a gift in memory of someone special.

The Choice is Yours

Scholarships & financial aid. Academics. Athletics. Student life. Whatever you're passionate about at JWU, you can support it with your gift. Explore where to give or search for a fund that resonates with you.





Forever JWU

The Mary & Gertrude Society was established to honor our founders, Gertrude I. Johnson and Mary T. Wales, who in 1914 had the courage and vision to create Johnson & Wales. More than a century later, we are proud to celebrate them by honoring loyal donors who have given to the University for three or more consecutive years.

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