JWU Parent & Family Giving

Parents and families of Johnson & Wales students and alums play an integral role in the success of all JWU students. Your gift, of any amount, combined with thousands of others has an immediate impact on our current Wildcats. 


How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Did you know that more than 90% of JWU students receive financial aid? Despite families’ best efforts and JWU’s commitment to making education affordable, many students still need assistance to afford tuition or participate in unique opportunities like study abroad, traveling with a student organization, or competing with a club or team.

Donations from parents and family members of students and alumni help build scholarship funds, enhance programs, support clubs and organizations, and so much more. And you have the choice to support the area that means the most to you and your Wildcat!

Investing in Johnson & Wales can inspire additional support from other members of the JWU community, as well as corporate donors and foundations. Gifts of every amount make a difference and can have a big impact when combined with those from other JWU families. You can directly and immediately support our students by making a gift today.