Colleges & Academics

Each of Johnson & Wales' six colleges rely on the support of alumni, corporate sponsors and donors to deliver an exceptional education in the classroom and in labs. 


An innovative educational leader, Johnson & Wales University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in arts and sciences, business, hospitality, nutrition, and health and wellness. It also offers undergraduate programs in culinary arts, dietetics, food innovation, and design and engineering. JWU’s unique model provides students with the personalized attention, academic expertise and industry connections that inspire professional success and personal growth. The time students spend at JWU is nothing short of transformative, as demonstrated by career outcomes, expected earnings and economic mobility rankings.

Each of our six colleges offer an optimal blend of intellectual development, industry-focused education, résumé-building work experiences, community and leadership opportunities, and an uncommon depth of career services. Your gift, directed to the college of your choice, directly supports that college's top priorities and the needs of its faculty and students.

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College of Business

Provide the resources students need to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and begin building their careers from day one.


College of Health & Wellness

Assist students as they prepare for success in a growing number of essential health-related careers.


College of Engineering & Design

Foster curiosity and help students push the boundaries of technology, design and creativity.


College of Hospitality Management

Help prepare JWU students to become leaders in an evolving, global hospitality industry.


College of Food Innovation & Technology

Equip students with the tools, experiences and knowledge to drive innovation in a changing culinary landscape.


John Hazen White College of Arts & Sciences

Support a cross-disciplinary education that opens doors and unlocks potential.


Academic Programs & University Initiatives 

JWU offers unique academic programs that, quite simply, cannot be found at many other colleges and universities. Beyond the classroom, JWU is committed to important initiatives ranging from sustainability to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Your gift can support the programs and initiatives you're passionate about and ensure they remain available and accessible to all JWU students.

The Bridge Center

Donors can contribute directly to JWU's efforts in expanding diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.