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Wildcats who join the Residential Life team gain more than just a scholarship. They acquire lifelong skills that are used to serve the JWU community while on campus, and the broader community after graduation. Resident Assistants (RAs), Front Desk Managers (FDMs) and Graduate Assistants (GAs) learn how to be leaders, how to effectively manage their time, how to resolve conflicts and so much more. Your charitable donation to the Residential Life Fund in Providence will support our student team members as they learn, grow and thrive on campus.

Residential Life

As the JWU student experience continues to evolve, so does the role of the Residential Life team. With seven colleges, multiple undergraduate and graduate degree programs and a competitive university financial aid package, JWU attracts a diverse body of students who each bring their unique identities and ambitions to campus. It is up to the Residential Life student team members to engage classmates from all backgrounds, serve as resources and build camaraderie and Wildcat pride. While not an easy undertaking, it is perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences on campus, as our Residential Life alumni can attest.

Your donation to the Residential Life Fund in Providence will directly support students in the following ways:

Trainings and Certification Programs – RAs and FDMs are often first responders during times of crisis. Through on- and off-campus trainings as well as online programs, our student team members will receive modern instruction, information and in some cases certification to address real-world issues affecting today’s college campuses. While these trainings immediately foster a safer campus community, their lifelong applications make JWU graduates important resources to our global community.

Student Leadership Conferences – The leadership experience that students gain from the Residential Life team is invaluable. Just as important is the need for students to interact with their peers from other institutions to exchange ideas and advice, and develop their skills even further.

Guest Speakers – Presenters, lecturers and speakers from outside the university are often brought to campus to teach a specific skill set and offer a different perspective. Residential Life student team members benefit from the fun, interactive programming and learning experiences that outside experts bring to campus.

Team-building and Development – Events focused on team-building are essential to the success of JWU’s Residential Life student members. The educational components are combined with practical applications that teach skills like cooperation, perseverance, relationship building and conflict resolution. Retreats allow the team to focus on deeper learning and instruction away from campus, creating stronger and more positive residential communities at JWU.

Student Recognition – Residential Life student team members work where they live and are often on duty or viewed in leadership roles 24/7. These high-stress roles can often lead to burnout and it is important that student leaders are recognized for their service and support of their communities. Awards, banquets, RA Appreciation Week and other celebrations reinforce the communal aspect of Residential Life while serving as stress relievers and wellness programs for RAs and FDMs.

Team Uniforms – What is a team without a uniform? The Residential Life student team helps build JWU and Res Life pride on campus, proudly wearing shirts, jackets and other uniform items. Team members are easily identified on campus as resources for student success and well-being, and uniforms reinforce the importance of the team and the community.

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Founding Members

Kia Ausley '06, '08 MBA L. Seth Barnett '10
Christopher Biondo '05, '07 MBA Rebecca Dalton '19
Kevin Haverty '99, '03 MBA Sandy Mitchell '01
Katarina Russo '13 MBA Dameian Slocum '00, '03 MBA
Nina Warren '89 Damon Wilkins '01, '03 MBA
Sheri Young '93, '94 M.S. Lori Zabatta '95, '19 MBA
Michael Zabatta '88 Chef Jay Z, C.E.C. '01
Anonymous Alexandra M. Correia '16