A Foundation for Success: The Palleschi Family Gives Back

From his first moments on campus, Rob Palleschi ’86, ’14 Hon. knew that Johnson & Wales University was a special place. “I was awestruck,” Rob recalled. “Truly–from the hospitality dorms to the campus around Abbott Park Place and being surrounded by like-minded students—it was inspiring, energizing and most definitely humbling.” 

Currently the CEO of G6 Hospitality, Rob’s JWU education helped him build the academic and professional foundation necessary for success. As part of JWU's 2021 calendar year-end campaign, Rob, along with his wife Terri and daughters Kristina and Lauren, chose to pay it forward with a generous matching gift challenge.

Rob recently renewed his connection with Johnson & Wales as a trustee, a role he took on in June 2021. Previously, he stayed engaged with the university through alumni programming, delivering a Commencement address and as an honorary degree recipient. Rob views serving as a trustee as a unique opportunity to repay the confidence and generosity JWU has bestowed upon him since graduation. 

The Palleschi family already supports a range of charitable endeavors, but for Rob, it was important to make Johnson & Wales one of their philanthropic priorities. As Rob shared, “Our successes and many blessings would not have been possible without the foundation of and continued support from JWU.”

As an alumnus, trustee and donor, Rob is inspired by the singular quality he recognizes as part of the fabric of Johnson & Wales. Students, faculty and alumni all have one thing in common—“a can-do attitude.” Rob experienced first-hand the work ethic and practical sensibility that propelled himself and his classmates and continues to be impressed by the drive of today’s Wildcats. What’s more, he believes in the power of support from alumni and the wider JWU community:

The world is small and increasingly interconnected. As such, we all need the support and assistance of others to succeed. Why depend on a third-party network of unrelated parties, sharing random posts and likes, when JWU has a strong network of like-minded, committed and related parties who share a common bond.
- Rob Palleschi '86, '14 Hon.


The most direct way to support students is through gifts to the university. As Rob said, giving to Johnson & Wales means “helping each other to grow and succeed.” It also means investing in JWU as it continues to meet the demands of the moment and innovate for years to come. As Rob pointed out, “One area that impacts growth and reputation is participation…combined with our shared enthusiasm, it will build confidence with bankers, debt holders and others investing in the university.”

You are invited to join Rob and his family in creating opportunities for today’s Wildcats. 

Whether you are a loyal donor and member of the Mary & Gertrude Society or you have not yet made your first gift to JWU, our combined support makes a difference for our students.

“It’s never too late to contribute,” Rob emphasized. “No matter the size of the donation, all funds are necessary and invested in programs, improvements and direct student support. Together, let’s provide the next generation with all the tools and opportunities necessary to succeed.”